*Price Varies Based on Cleaning Conditions and Size of Vehicle 

C O U P E | S E D A N 

 M I D S I Z E | S M . T R U C K

3  R O W | L G   T R U C K | V A N +


Full Detail

90 | 125 | 150+

2 Hours

This is a great entry level package if you're looking to get both your Interior and Exterior thoroughly detailed.


 Clay & Seal

125 | 150 | 175+

2.5 Hours

This package keeps your vehicle's Exterior Cleaner/Shinier longer while adding 1 Year protection against water spots; bird droppings; fallout and tree sap!

(Exterior Only)

Add Quick Interior (if needed) when choosing package.



200 | 250 | 275+

3/4 Hours

This is a complete makeover package of your interior vehicle. This package ensures that your interior gets to new as possible!

(Interior Only)


Full Detail


250 | 300 | 350+

4 Hours

Designed for those looking  to get the Interior/Exterior thoroughly detailed with 1 year Ceramic Treatment. This is our most Detailed and Popular Service!

Additional Services

These additional services can be added to any package. 

Headlight Restoration

Leather Repair NEW

Decal or Emblem Removal

Spot Clay Treatment

Wax Application

Non Chemical Clean

Odor Elimination Clean

Swirl Killer/Light Scratch Polish(1 stage)

Heavy Scratch Removal(2 stage)

Ceramic Treatment

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